Jeweler’s Block

Jeweler’s Block Coverage

Today’s independent jewelers, wholesalers, manufacturers, gemologists, and bench jewelers face many challenges in a complex marketplace. Tight margins, fierce competition, online sales, branding, shop technology, and security issues make the jewelry business oftentimes difficult to maneuver. Who can you trust to handle your true liability, exposures, and coverages as a jewelry company in a complicated market? Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency is committed to the Jewelry Industry with extremely competitive coverages through jeweler’s block policies.

Powell & Meadows also boasts an on-staff agent with over 16 years’ experience in jewelry, wholesale sales, retail management, shop management, and as a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional.

Does your agent have that sort of knowledge, experience, and commitment to your business? Contact us today for a truly one-of-a-kind customer experience.