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Commercial Insurance

Property Insurance

Property Insurance protects against direct physical loss to covered property at premises you own or rent, resulting from a covered cause of loss.

Coverage can be provided for buildings, business personal property, loss of income, and extra expenses. Rates are based on how the occupied building was constructed, its location, age, size, and cost of replacement.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage to the public or your customers at your business premises or where your operations are conducted. Coverage can also be provided for your products and completed operations. This protection also includes the cost of attorney's fees.

Cyber Liability

With cyber security becoming a growing concern in today’s world, most businesses that keep any type of customer data stored in their computer systems will want cyber liability insurance. Data breaches from cyber attacks can result in costly damages. It only takes one stolen laptop, resourceful hacker, or computer virus to compromise your network.

Commercial Automobile

Coverage is provided for bodily injury and property damage liability for owned automobiles used in your business. Coverage can also be extended to vehicles that you rent or borrow. Physical damage to your vehicle is covered by comprehensive and collision coverage.

Business Umbrella Insurance

Liability insurance is important, as it protects your business from unfortunate events that often concern customers. Liability insurance protects you from the costs of defending against or settling claims from slips and falls, defective products, property damage, etc.

If your business is in need of any type of insurance, our agents will ensure your particular needs are covered at a price you can afford.